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My Birmingham in UK

    My Birmingham in UK

    ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops Mailbox Facade.jpg
  1. WTN: Mailbox Facade, Birmingham, UK

  2. Listed here are hyperlinks for the Birmingham area.

  3. All of these images were created in 2010 to 2023 and may be edited at times.

  4. My Birmingham in UK

  5. Images of sites in the Birmingham area.

  6. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, Sheepcote Street.jpg
  7. Hilton Garden Inn, Sheepcote Street (off Broad Street)

  8. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel Travelodge, Newhall Square.jpg
  9. Travelodge, Newhall Square/Charlotte Street

  10. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel Travelodge, Broad Street.jpg
  11. Travelodge, Broad Street

  12. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel Novotel, Broad Street.jpg
  13. Novotel Hotel, Broad Street

  14. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel Grand, Colmore Row.jpg
  15. Grand Hotel, Colmore Row

  16. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel Ibis, Ladywell Walk.jpg
  17. Ibis Hotel, Ladywell Walk

  18. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel Burlington Passage.jpg
  19. Burlington Hotel, New Street

  20. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel AC, Mailbox.jpg
  21. AC Hotel, Mailbox

  22. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel Hyatt Regency, Bridge Street.jpg
  23. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bridge Street (off Broad Street)

  24. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Hotel Raddison Blu, Holloway Circus.jpg
  25. Raddison Blu Hotel, Holloway Circus

  26. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Auchinleck Square Park Regis.jpg
  27. Park Regis Hotel, Broad Street, voted best UK hotel in 2021

  28. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Barclaycard Arena Panorama.jpg
  29. Broad Street Area, Barclaycard Arena Panorama

  30. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Brindley Square Panorama.jpg
  31. Birmingham, Broad Street Area, Brindley Square Panorama

  32. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Centenary Square Panorama.jpg
  33. Birmingham, Broad Street, Centenary Square Panorama

  34. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Developments.jpg
  35. Birmingham, Broad Street, Office Developments

  36. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Edgbaston Shopping Centre.jpg
  37. Birmingham, Broad Street, Edgbaston Shopping Centre

  38. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Five Ways Overgrown.jpg
  39. Birmingham, Broad Street, Five Ways

  40. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Remembrance Memorial, Library of Birmingham.jpg
  41. Birmingham, Broad Street, Remembrance Memorial, Library of Birmingham

  42. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Sealife Centre Entrance.jpg
  43. Birmingham, Broad Street, Brindley Square, Sealife Centre

  44. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Symphony Hall, ICC, Repertory Theatre & puddle.jpg
  45. Birmingham, Broad Street, Symphony Hall, ICC & Repertory Theatre

  46. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Broad Street Tram Track Laying.jpg
  47. Birmingham, Broad Street, Tram Track Laying

  48. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Canada Geese at Hockley Port.jpg
  49. Birmingham Canal, Canada Geese

  50. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Edgbaston Res Dam & Gay Tower Ballroom.jpg
  51. Birmingham Canal, Edgbaston Reservoir & Gay Tower Ballroom

  52. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Edgbaston Reservoir 1 Panorama.jpg
  53. Birmingham Canal, Edgbaston Reservoir 1 Panorama

  54. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Edgbaston Reservoir 2 Panorama.jpg
  55. Birmingham Canal, Edgbaston Reservoir 2 Panorama

  56. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Edgbaston Reservoir blue bells.jpg
  57. Birmingham Canal, Edgbaston Reservoir Blue Bells

  58. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Edgbaston Reservoir Group Route.jpg
  59. Birmingham Canal, Edgbaston Reservoir, Group Route

  60. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Edgbaston Reservoir Low Shoreline.jpg
  61. Birmingham Canal, Edgbaston Reservoir, Low Shoreline

  62. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Edgbaston Reservoir Low Shoreline.jpg
  63. Birmingham Canal, Edgbaston Reservoir, Low Shoreline

  64. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Edgbaston Reservoir Stream Filling Up.jpg
  65. Birmingham Canal, Edgbaston Reservoir Filling Up

  66. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Gas Street Basin Panorama.jpg
  67. Birmingham Canal, Gas Street Basin Panorama

  68. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Kingston Row Basin.jpg
  69. Birmingham Canal, Kingston Row Basin

  70. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Mailbox.jpg
  71. Birmingham Canal, Mailbox

  72. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal, Mailbox BBC Dalek.jpg
  73. Birmingham Canal, Mailbox BBC Dalek

  74. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Newhall Street.jpg
  75. Birmingham Canal, Newhall Street

  76. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Canal Sealife Centre Panorama.jpg
  77. Birmingham Canal, Sealife Centre Panorama

  78. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Broad Street ICC Symphony Hall Atrium.jpg
  79. Birmingham Centre, Broad Street ICC & Symphony Hall Atrium

  80. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre BT Tower.jpg
  81. Birmingham Centre, BT Tower

  82. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Bull Ring & Rotunda.jpg
  83. Birmingham Centre, Bull Ring & Rotunda Apartments

  84. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Bull Ring Stained Glass.jpg
  85. Birmingham Centre, Bull Ring Stained Glass Window

  86. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Bull Street.jpg
  87. Birmingham Centre, Bull Street

  88. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Chamberlain Square Panorama.jpg
  89. Birmingham Centre, Chamberlain Square Panorama

  90. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Chamberlain Square the beach.jpg
  91. Birmingham Centre, Chamberlain Square, the beach

  92. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Colmore Row, Great Western Arcade.jpg
  93. Birmingham Centre, Colmore Row, Great Western Arcade

  94. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Comedian Tony Hancock.jpg
  95. Birmingham Centre, Comedian Tony Hancock

  96. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Edgbaston Botanical Gardens Line Dancing.jpg
  97. Birmingham, Edgbaston Botanical Gardens, Line Dancing

  98. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Grand Central - New Street Station Panorama.jpg
  99. Birmingham Centre, Grand Central & New Street Station Panorama

  100. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Holloway Circus Pagoda Panorama.jpg
  101. Birmingham Centre, Holloway Circus Sentinels Pagoda Raddison Blu Panorama

  102. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre International Convention Centre Water's Edge.jpg
  103. Birmingham Centre, International Convention Centre, Water's Edge

  104. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Jazz Festival.jpg
  105. Birmingham Centre, Jazz Festival

  106. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Ladywood Fire Station.jpg
  107. Birmingham Centre, Ladywood Fire Station

  108. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Library of Birmingham Almost Complete.jpg
  109. Birmingham Centre, Library of Birmingham, Almost Complete

  110. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre New Street Station Facade.jpg
  111. Birmingham Centre, New Street Station Facade

  112. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Sealife Centre.jpg
  113. Birmingham Centre, Sealife Centre

  114. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Smallbrook Ringway.jpg
  115. Birmingham Centre, Smallbrook Ringway

  116. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre St Phillips Square South Panorama.jpg
  117. Birmingham Centre, St. Phillips Square Panorama

  118. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Centre Victoria Square Panorama.jpg
  119. Birmingham Centre, Victoria Square Panorama

  120. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Eastside Approach & Millennium Museum.jpg
  121. Birmingham Eastside Approach & Millennium Point Science Museum

  122. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Eastside Aston University Complex.jpg
  123. Birmingham Eastside & Aston University

  124. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Eastside Aston University, Metropolitan College.jpg
  125. Birmingham Eastside, Aston University & Metropolitan College

  126. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Eastside Millennium Science Museum.jpg
  127. Birmingham Eastside, Millennium Point Science Museum

  128. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Eastside Old Curzon Street Station Building.jpg
  129. Birmingham Eastside, Old Curzon Street Station Building

  130. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Financial District Colmore Circus Weslyan.jpg
  131. Birmingham Financial District, Colmore Circus, Weslyan Office Block

  132. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Financial District Colmore Row - St Chads Panorama.jpg
  133. Birmingham Financial District, Colmore Row - St Chads Panorama

  134. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Broad Street Brasshouse Panorama.jpg
  135. Birmingham Pubs, Broad Street, Pop World, Brasshouse, Reflex Pubs Panorama

  136. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Broad Street, Black Sabbath Bridge.jpg
  137. Birmingham Pubs, Broad Street, Black Sabbath Bridge

  138. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Broad Street Figure Of Eight, Players, Jurys Inn.jpg
  139. Birmingham Pubs, Broad Street Figure Of Eight, Players, Jurys Inn

  140. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Broad Street O Bar, Walkabout, Solomon Cutler.jpg
  141. Birmingham Pubs, Broad Street O Bar, Walkabout, Solomon Cutler

  142. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Broad Street Rocket Club, Rosies, Coyote Ugly.jpg
  143. Birmingham Pubs, Broad Street Rocket Club, Rosies, Coyote Ugly

  144. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Broad Street Tap & Spile Canalside.jpg
  145. Birmingham Pubs, Broad Street Tap & Spile Canalside

  146. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Broad Street O-Bar disco lights.jpg
  147. Birmingham Pubs, Broad Street, O-Bar disco lights

  148. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Broad Street, Brasshouse & barman.jpg
  149. Birmingham Pubs, Broad Street, Brasshouse Public House

  150. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Broad Street Water's Edge Panorama.jpg
  151. Birmingham Pubs, Broad Street, Waters Edge Panorama

  152. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Gay Chinese Quarter Arcadian Panorama.jpg
  153. Birmingham Pubs, Chinese Quarter, Arcadian Panorama

  154. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Gay Chinese Quarter Cathay Street.jpg
  155. Birmingham Pubs, Chinese Quarter, Cathay Street

  156. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Gay Chinese Quarter Hippodrome Theatre.jpg
  157. Birmingham Pubs, Chinese Quarter, Hippodrome Theatre

  158. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Gay Chinese Quarter Panorama.jpg
  159. Birmingham Pubs, Chinese Quarter Panorama

  160. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs John Bright Street Victoria Panorama.jpg
  161. Birmingham Pubs, John Bright Street, Victoria Public House Panorama

  162. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs Mailbox bars & restuarants at night.jpg
  163. Birmingham Pubs, Mailbox Bars & Restuarants

  164. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs New Street Burlington Passage Bachuus Bar.jpg
  165. Birmingham Pubs, New Street, Burlington Passage, Bachuus Bar

  166. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs St Paul's Square Ludgate Hill The Jam Panorama.jpg
  167. Birmingham Pubs, St Paul's Square & Ludgate Hill, The Jam Bar Panorama

  168. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs St Phillips Square Colmore Row The Alchemist.jpg
  169. Birmingham Pubs, St Phillips Square, Colmore Row, The Alchemist Bar

  170. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs St Phillips Temple Street The Botanist.jpg
  171. Birmingham Pubs, Temple Street, The Botanist Bar

  172. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Pubs St Phillips Square Temple Street Ivy & Fumo
  173. Birmingham Pubs, Temple Street, Ivy Restaurant Bar & Fumo Cocktail Bar

  174. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Religion Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda.jpg
  175. Birmingham Religion, Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda

  176. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Religion Hockley Saifee Masjid Mosque.jpg
  177. Birmingham Religion, Icknield Street, Saifee Masjid Mosque

  178. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Religion St Paul's Church Panorama.jpg
  179. Birmingham Religion, St Paul's Church Panorama

  180. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Religion St Phillips Square Panorama.jpg
  181. Birmingham Religion, St. Phillips Anglican Cathedral Square Panorama

  182. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Religion St Chad's Roman Catholic Cathedral.jpg
  183. Birmingham Religion, St Chad's Roman Catholic Cathedral

  184. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops Bull Ring Panorama.jpg
  185. Birmingham Shops, Bull Ring Panorama

  186. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops Grand Central Barbers.jpg
  187. Birmingham Shops, Grand Central, Barbers

  188. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops Grand Central Giraffe.jpg
  189. Birmingham Shops, Grand Central, Giraffe

  190. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops Grand Central Red Rose Stall.jpg
  191. Birmingham Shops, Grand Central, Red Rose Stall

  192. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops Grand Central Luminaires.jpg
  193. Birmingham Shops, Grand Central, Luminaires

  194. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops Grand Central Panorama Short.jpg
  195. Birmingham Shops, Grand Central Panorama

  196. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops Mailbox Facade.jpg
  197. Birmingham Shops, Mailbox Facade

  198. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops Minories Arcade.jpg
  199. Birmingham Shops, Minories Arcade

  200. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops New Street.jpg
  201. Birmingham Shops, New Street

  202. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops New Street Burlington Passage.jpg
  203. Birmingham Shops, New Street, Burlington Passage

  204. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops New Street Piccadilly Arcade.jpg
  205. Birmingham Shops, New Street, Piccadilly Arcade

  206. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Shops New Street Piccadilly Arcade 2.jpg
  207. Birmingham Shops, New Street, Piccadilly Arcade 2

  208. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Theatre Alexandra Theatre.jpg
  209. Birmingham Theatres, Alexandra Theatre

  210. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Theatre Symphony Hall 2021 makeover.jpg
  211. Birmingham Theatres, Symphony Hall After 2021 Makeover

  212. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Theatre Crescent Theatre.jpg
  213. Birmingham Theatre, Crescent Theatre

  214. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Theatre Repertory Theatre.jpg
  215. Birmingham Theatres, Repertory Theatre

  216. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Theatre Hippodrome Theatre.jpg
  217. Birmingham Theatres, Hippodrome Theatre

  218. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Xmas Bull Ring Selfridges Facade.jpg
  219. Birmingham Xmas, Bull Ring, Selfridges Facade

  220. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Xmas Chamberlain Square Town Hall the piste.jpg
  221. Birmingham Xmas, Chamberlain Square, Town Hall, The Piste

  222. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Xmas Communications Row.jpg
  223. Birmingham Xmas, Communications Row

  224. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Xmas Mailbox xmas tree.jpg
  225. Birmingham Xmas
    Mailbox xmas tree

  226. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Xmas New Street German Market.jpg
  227. Birmingham Xmas, New Street, German Market

  228. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Xmas New Street.jpg
  229. Birmingham Xmas, New Street

  230. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Xmas Victoria Square Roundabout.jpg
  231. Birmingham Xmas, Victoria Square, Roundabout

  232. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art King Edwards Road Bridge.jpg
  233. Birmingham Street Art King Edwards Road Bridge

  234. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art Near Hippodrome 2.jpg
  235. Birmingham Street Art Near Hippodrome 2

  236. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art Near Hippodrome 3.jpg
  237. Birmingham Street Art Near Hippodrome 3

  238. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art Wrottesley Street, Chinese Quarter.jpg
  239. Birmingham Street Art Wrottesley Street, Chinese Quarter

  240. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art Thorpe Street, Near Hippodrome 1.jpg
  241. Birmingham Street Art Thorpe Street, Near Hippodrome 1.

  242. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art Custard Factory Giant Man Digbeth.jpg
  243. Birmingham Street Art Custard Factory Giant Man Digbeth

  244. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art Custard Factory Lizard Digbeth.jpg
  245. Birmingham Street Art Custard Factory Lizard Digbeth

  246. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art Arcadian.jpg
  247. Birmingham Street Art Arcadian

  248. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art Colmore Circus Snow Hill Station Mural.jpg
  249. Birmingham Street Art Colmore Circus Snow Hill Station Mural

  250. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Street Art St Chads Circus Kennedy Mural.jpg
  251. Birmingham Street Art St Chads Circus Kennedy Mural

  252. ImagesBirmingham/Visit Birmingham Back to Back Housing Museum Hurst Street.jpg
  253. Visit Birmingham Back to Back Housing Museum Hurst Street

  254. ImagesBirmingham/Visit Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery Entrance Chamberlain Square.jpg
  255. Visit Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery Entrance Chamberlain Square

  256. ImagesBirmingham/Visit Birmingham Tourist Info Council House Victoria Square.jpg
  257. Visit Birmingham Tourist Info Council House Victoria Square

  258. ImagesBirmingham/Visit Birmingham Welcomes Peaceful Protesters.jpg
  259. Visit Birmingham Welcomes Peaceful Protesters

  260. ImagesBirmingham/Visit Ironbridge.jpg
  261. Visit Ironbridge

  262. Images Birmingham/Canaletto Warwick_Castle, by_Canaletto,_1752.jpg
  263. Visit Warwick Castle

  264. ImagesBirmingham/Visit RAF Cosford Aerospace Museum Moon Buggie.jpg
  265. Visit RAF Cosford Aerospace Museum Moon Buggie

  266. ImagesBirmingham/Visit Santa Pod The Starting Grid.jpg
  267. Visit Santa Pod Raceway The Starting Grid

  268. ImagesBirmingham/Visit Stratford Upon Avon Ann Hathaways Cottage.jpg
  269. Visit Stratford Upon Avon Shakespeare's Ann Hathaway's Cottage

  270. ImagesBirmingham/Visit Walsall Arboretum Illuminations.jpg
  271. Visit Walsall Arboretum Illuminations

  272. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Simon Redwood Red_Panda_(_Ailurus_Fulgens_).jpg
  273. WC: Visit Birmingham Nature Centre, Edgbaston, Birmingham

  274. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Andrew Abbott Entrance_to_Cadbury_World.jpg
  275. WC: Visit Cadbury World, Bournville, Birmingham

  276. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Brian Clift Penguins_in_Dudley_Zoo,_England.jpg
  277. WC: Visit Dudley Zoo

  278. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Phil Champion Selly_Manor,_Bournville.jpg
  279. WC: Visit Selly Manor, Birmingham

  280. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Sarah Charlesworth Soho_House meeting_place_for Lunar_Society.jpg
  281. WC: Visit Soho House, Handsworth, Birmingham, Once Meeting Place For Lunar Society

  282. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham P L Chadwick Black_Country_Living_Museum_main_village_street.jpg
  283. WC: Visit Black Country Living Museum, Dudley

  284. ImagesBirmingham/Birmingham Tanya Dedyukhina Sarehole Mill_Birmingham.jpg
  285. WC: Visit Sarehole Mill, Hall Green, Birmingham